13 iPhone hacks you need to know

Become an iPhone power user with these cool iPhone tips and tricks that you really should know about.

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Browse faster

Holding down the period key in a browser will show a list of domains such as .co.uk or .com allowing you enter web addresses more quickly.

Type quicker

Double hit the space bar when at the end of the sentence, your iPhone will automatically type a period and a space ready for you.

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'Shake to undo'

Shake your iPhone to activate the Undo functionality in various apps.

Take photos more easily

You can take a photo from the Camera app using the + button on earphones or even the volume controls on the phone itself.

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One handed mode

Quickly double tap the Home button on iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models to activate 'one handed mode'.

Charge your phone faster

Put your phone into airplane mode to charge faster. Turning it off completely will get your even faster charging times.

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Spirit level app

There's a sort-of-secret spirit level app built into the iPhone. Open up the Compass app and swipe to the left to reveal it.

Siri hacks

Siri is pretty cool and can do way more than just search the web. You can easily bring up Twitter conversations or even see what planes are overhead

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Password your iPhone

You can add a full password to your iPhone rather than a simple 4 digit passcode. Go to Settings -> General ->Passcode and turn off 'Simple Passcode', where you'll be prompted to create a new password.

Discover text message times

Swipe left to see the exact time and date that a message was sent.

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Setup LED alerts

You can setup your phone to flash when you get a notification. The option is under Settings -> General -> Accessibility. Turn on 'LED Flash for Alerts'

Get rid of stock apps

Follow this YouTube video to get rid of stock apps that you never use.

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Add Typing Shortcuts

Under Settings -> General -> Keyboard, you can add your own typing shortcuts.

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