Our Student Program

Of LetPeopleDecide's hundreds of volunteer petition carriers, many are senior citizens.

Curious why that was, Kevin once asked a West Seneca petitioner, a woman who gathered more than 200 signatures in the neighborhood she's lived in for 43 years. She raised three children there, and watched them all move away. Kevin asked her why she was willing to give so much of her time to our cause.

Without hesitation, she answered, "Because I remember." She meant that having lived in West Seneca for so long, she remembered when its high schools were full, its businesses thriving, and its parks and public amenities well kept. And she wanted to do something to return West Seneca to its rightful place.

To provide an opportunity for young people to participate in our effort, and to spend time with these interesting, community-minded seniors, we've established a program which pairs high school and college students with senior citizen volunteers. The program provides students with a civic engagement experience, and offers senior volunteers a partner for their petitioning rounds.

If you'd like to participate in our Student Program, kindly contact Ben Ziller at BZiller@gmail.com.